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" products Development Our Agile Development Methodology brings together the power of iterative methodologies and the flexibility of agile principles. We follow a disciplined development philosophy that combines our development experience with current industry standards. "


An endless and ever evolving variety of modules to help school, its staff, parents and children which includes attendance, examination, discussion, inbox, events, circulars and much more with limitless functionalities.

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With the expertise in the native programming language, we will deliver the best android application development service. Convert your idea into the android app to bring best for your business. We develop future-proof products app technology by encapsulating all technical and feasible aspects.

IB Face detection

IB Face detection is Facial Recognition system is a technology capable of identifying or verifying a person from a digital image or a video frame from a video source with the help of Machine learning & python technology and this system detects if the person is out of the frame and enters other frame . We used YOLO algo for object detection which identifies various objects like laptop, bottle, etc.The main purpose of this product is to provide security to individuals or assets.

IB Tattoo

With the intention of providing real life experience to Customer, IB Tattoo application has been made by IB team with the help of Augmented reality (AR) technology in which simple tattoo will give feeling of 3D image and actual/ concrete experience.

IB Skin Care

With help of Artificial Intelligence and Machin learning IB Skin care is the application made for the convenience of user,as with the help of this app user will able to understand their skin types, skin problems which will help them to go for the treatment in proper direction in less time.

IB Reality Control

This application is made by using AR, VR technology, it’s main purpose is to giving the distinctive feeling of controlling the cars,plane emogies or objects . By using this app user can get experience of controlling the car or any object with real time control.

Product Development Methodology

The result oriented systematic process we follow as


Discover and validate the appropriate market for your idea.


This stage gives a clearer picture of the scope of the entire project.

Design & Prototyping

Build the correct product features that solve your client’s needs.


Develop the modules that meets 100% of prototype design.

Testing & Integration

Test the right model and strategies for generating and converting customers.

Maintenance & Support

Deploy the right organisation and resources to scale the business.